Advancing God's Kingdom One Neighborhood at a time by building relationships in our community with all of God's Family.

  • Kingdom Builders Share God's Love

    Sharing The Love of God with others in your neighborhood

    Our first priority is people, we desire to work with the teens and young adults near our project homes to teach them a trade, hard work, discipline, and most of all, that God loves them!

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  • Kingdom Builders Develop Community

    Community Development to better yourself and your family

    Connect with your neighbors over food, music, and fun times. Get to know each other and build relationships with the people around you as well as some city officials and local police.

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  • Kingdom Builders Give Back

    Give Back to your Communityhelping each other makes us all stronger

    Volunteer your time to help re-build a home in your local community. Be a mentor and a friend to a teenager who needs someone to listen. Donate materials of help fund local projects.

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