Restoring Saginaw's Abandoned

homes, lots, lives.

Advancing God's Kingdom



one neighborhood at a time. 


Returning the neglected to its original, intended condition is the mission Kingdom Builders Ministries. We are a unique, front-line ministry in Saginaw, Michigan, restoring where it is needed most. 







Restoring many of the abandoned homes in Saginaw brings pride back to neighborhoods, and to the men who use skills learned in Kingdom Builders Ministries to restore them. It reduces crime, provides good homes for members of the community, and is a visual representation of the possibilities of restoration. 


Turning overgrown, dead lots into thriving peach and apple orchards is another sight of the power of restoration, and provides vital job skills for our men. Bee hives work in conjunction with Kingdom Orchards, and harvesting the honey gives a tangible benefit and income for their labors. 


Ultimately, restoring men through a thriving relationship with God in Jesus Christ is the mission of Kingdom Builders Ministries. Mentoring, and teaching about God and fathering them as they grow develops relationships and opens doors for the Holy Spirit to work in big ways. 


Whether large or small, you can be a vital part of building God's Kingdom in one of the neediest places in the country. Individuals, churches, and business involvement are essential to restoring the homes, lots, and lives of Saginaw. Here are 4 areas you can be a key part of Kingdom Builders Ministries.



If you do not have the ability, time, or proximity to be physically involved, making a monetary contribution is a great way to be a partner and further our ministry. All funds go directly to fulfilling our mission, and donations can easily and safely be made online in just a few minutes. Every contribution matters, as even the smallest seed brings fruit.  


Partner with Kingdom Builders Ministries and build long -term relationships within the community. Mentors focus on teaching skills, trades, and Biblical values one on one with our men. This is the glue of our ministry. If you or your church group feel you can contribute your time and talents in this area, learn more about how you can be a mentor! 


If you, your group, or your church does not have the ability to be involved long term, consider volunteering for one of our restoration events. Spend a day donating your time and effort to helping one of our many essential work projects restoring Saginaw's homes, lots, and lives! 


Church and Business involvement are necessary for Kingdom Builders Ministries to make an impact on a large level. Church partnerships greatly expand our ministry's reach. Businesses help broaden training opportunities and turn low-skill men into highly skilled employees. If you feel your church or business could help in this way, please contact us!