Saginaw's Frontline Ministry

Restoring godly families and advancing God's Kingdom one neighborhood at a time. 


Their Ministry

     Kingdom Builders Ministries was founded by Jim and Wendy Shafley, and focuses on restoring the many abandoned homes, lots, and lives of Saginaw, Michigan. Through teaching young men skilled trades and God's word, the ministry is impacting neighborhoods and lives in profound ways. Their intimate involvement with the community gives Kingdom Builders Ministries a frontline position to influence for God in one of the neediest areas of the country. Current work is focused on home restoration, planting apple and peach orchards, and maintaining bee hives. Their goal is to further partner with churches and businesses to expand to more trades, equip men with more skills, and reach more lives for God.

Their Story

     Jim spent a year praying every day for God to take his life and use him.  God answered that prayer one day while on the job, as Jim saw the devastation of a drive-by shooting While at the home, Jim saw the teenage boy the gang was after mourning the loss of his little cousin. Jim watched this boy struggle with the pain and emotions caused by the knowledge that his choices had brought these consequences to his family.  God broke Jim’s heart for that boy’s pain and the tragedy of the situation.

     Jim went home and shared God’s call to father the ‘fatherless’ with Wendy. After much prayer and discussion, Jim and Wendy decided to answer God’s call and move to Saginaw and begin a construction ministry teaching troubled young men the construction trades.

Jim left his job and he and Wendy sold their home in Midland and moved to the east side of Saginaw to devote their lives to fathering young men who are trying to rebuild their lives. The first abandoned property they restored became their own home.

Jim Shafley

     Jim is an ordained pastor who leads church services on Sunday, and a licensed builder who mentors young men throughout the week teaching them life and trade skills. His work with Kingdom Builders Ministries has expanded into urban orchards, honey bees, property management for the City Rescue Mission, and working with other ministries and non-profit organizations in the city of Saginaw. If you would like to have Jim speak to your church or business about Kingdom Builders Ministries, and opportunities for involvement, click below for booking. His blog is based on his weekly sermons as well as inspirational messages of hope and restoration to God.