There are many ways for you and your church to be restorers of the abandoned. Read below, and contact us to see how you can be a kingdom builder in Saginaw.

For the whole law is fulfilled in one word, in the statement "you shall love your neighbor as yourself." Gal 5:14


Broken windows and broken homes perpetuate broken lives. A huge first step in seeing God's restoring power and breaking the cycle of brokenness in Saginaw is through restoring countless abandoned homes. Through teaching vital skills of construction, hard work, and integrity, our men build homes, build character, and find that what looked beyond repair can be restored. 




Weeds grow in unattended yards, and hearts. Over time, weeds grow to brush that completely overtakes a lot, choking out the possibilities and once intended purpose. Through Kingdom Builders Ministries, men learn the hard work needed to clear a lot, keep weeds out, and how even the most neglected can be restored for its original intent. Kingdom Builders Ministries has planted over 330 apple and peach trees, and maintains multiple orchards and beehives around the community. This further expands the ministry, bringing even more opportunities for touching lives. 


Personal relationships developed through fathering our men, and working in the abandoned neighborhoods of Saginaw leads to our ultimate goal: restored lives. Mentoring, teaching, and other areas of volunteering allow God to use his servants as restoring agents and builders of God's Kingdom. Whatever your ability, you can be a part of restoring the abandoned in Saginaw to a vital relationship with Jesus Christ. Click below to see about how you or your church can be involved!